• Daylight Savings

    San Francisco-based musician Goh Nakamura (playing himself) is at the height of his career. With a national tour on the horizon and his song being featured in a national TV commercial, Goh has the life he always wanted. When his long-distance girlfriend Erika (AYAKO FUJITANI) breaks up with him over Skype, Goh feels lost, as though no one could ever heal his broken heart. One night in San Francisco, he meets a fellow indie musician, Yea-Ming (playing herself). Unexpectedly, Goh experiences a special connection with Yea-Ming and finds himself on a road trip with his cousin Mike (MICHAEL AKI) to see her in Las Vegas.

    • Genre: Comedy
    • Director: Dave Boyle
    • Cast: Goh Nakamura, Ayako Fujitani, Yea-Ming Chen, Michael Aki, Lynn Chen
    • Writers: Dave Boyle, Goh Nakamura, Michael Lerman, Joel Clark
    • Run Time: 98 minutes


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